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Michael won the kumite championship Richard won the kumite championship

Michael Nguyen Richard Nguyen

ROC Martial Arts compete in karate tournament - 2014

Elite Karate Training Highlights - 2013

Flyer of Elite Karate Camp - 2013

Ali Al-Raisi and Michael Nguyen represent the Upstate New York Traditional Karate Team at the 2013 International Isshinryu Karate Championships

Richard Nguyen and Winters' training - 2013

Flyer of Michael & Richard Nguyen's Elite Karate Seminars in New Jersey - 2010

Photos of the Elite Karate Seminars - 2010

CHN Production has spent years capturing the works of Michael & Richard Nguyen to share their combined 22 years of dedication in martial arts. Their 8-DVD training series, The Complete Works of Isshin Ryu Karate & Kobudo Series, has been filed with the United States Library of Congress.

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Karate DVD Series listing
Karate DVD Series listing
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Karate DVD Series listing

Kata Grand Champion

Weapons Grand Champion

Training Highlights

Kumite (Sparing)

Kobudo (Weapons)

Kata (Form)

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"I just wanted to tell you how impressed I have been watching your videos. After watching them all the way through I am even more impressed. They are extremely thorough, showing front, side, slow motion, explanation, and in context - what more could a student want? I got teary eyed at the end when watching the highlights of Michael and Richard's younger years - how proud you and your family must be at all your accomplishments. This shows commitment, discipline, and character not often found in today's society. You and your family are truly inspiring, I am glad I ordered these videos, and even more grateful to see that this kind of excellence is being achieved by such young people of today. Again, thank you for your excellent product, and even more so, your inspiring dedication to excellence and character in all matters of life." ~ David Snyder from North Carolina is very pleased to sponsor The Complete Works of Isshin Ryu Karate & Kobudo DVD Series by two talented martial artists and authors, Michael & Richard Nguyen. Hope you join us to support their long and exciting video project.

" I have had the opportunity to watch Michael & Richard in competition and their techniques in both kata and sparring are excellent. Just as important is their fine example of sportsmanship and maturity. I would highly recommend this video to the serious Isshinryu practitioner and especially to the young karate-ka, as they set a good example of what it takes to be a dedicated student." ~ Grandmaster Tom Lewis (Wyoming) - Isshinryu First Generation Karate-ka of Tatsuo Shimabuku

" I was totally impressed, each move executed as I remember Grandmaster Don Nagle explaining and performing.  The timing of each move was precise, I have had the privilege of judging both of these fine martial artists, and their performance of kata is recommended as a teaching method for all.  As president of the DON NAGLE AOKAINC, I recommend these dvd’s as an aid to serious training of Isshinryu." ~ Grandmaster Ralph Passero (New Jersey)

"This project is an excellent example of what a karate-ka can accomplish with dedication and a lot of heart.  They show a very high level of performance skill in all areas.  I’m sure they will become a very valuable training tool in many dojos.   These videos are sure to help everyone from the novice to the most dedicated martial artist in refining both personal training and training methods.  I would highly recommend them to any martial artist, of any skill level." ~ Master Wayne Wayland (Virginia)

"After observing Michael and Richard’s clip you can see the professionalism and the precision not only in their technique, but also in which the videos are made. All martial artists should have these DVD’s in their collection." ~ Master Brian West (New York)

"Michael and Richard Nguyen will be the standard by which others will be measured ..." ~ Sensei Bob Harris (Alabama)

"Very crisp." ~ Master Daniel Asaka Holloway (Michigan)

"I think it will be a great dvd series for other kids and adults to see that quality of Martial Arts skill and should be the library of every instructor and martial artist." ~ Master Robert Crosby (Illinois)

"Michael and Richard are excellent instructors. The students learn so much from them. My grandson highly respects them. They are not only talented, smart, but they are very friendly and pleasant to their students. They have been awarded with many honors in the community and most recently a special New York State Senate Resolution honoring their outstanding achievements. I am delighted that I have had the pleasure to get to know them and their family.  They are truly ‘role models’ " ~ Ms. Louise Cleary (Jake’s Grandma)

"I was impressed with both the content and the performances. Michael and Richard Nguyen are the next generation and Isshinryu's future, and the future looks bright. I would recommend these DVD's to anyone who studies Isshinryu Karate and Kobudo." ~ Master HP Henry (North Carolina)

"It is refreshing to see youngsters of Isshinryu use such well disciplined, precise technique." ~ Grandmaster JC Burris (Alabama)

"Amazing job ... Both Michael and Richard are outstanding martial artists." ~ Grandmaster Mitch Kobylanski (North Carolina)

"Brand new students as well as seasoned masters can benefit from this DVD series. The techniques are flawless. The production quality is excellent.  Michael and Richard are easy to understand. I highly recommend this instructional series to any serious student of Isshinryu." ~ Master Clyde Stanley (Louisiana) - Author of Stand-Up & Ground Fighting Submission & Finishing Tactics DVD

"I have had the pleasure to watch Michael and Richard compete at tournaments.  From the first time I saw them, I was immediately impressed with their expertise and talent.  Their DVD series captures everything from basics to their exceptionally performed kata.  The DVDs would be an asset to any Isshin Ryu practitioner." ~ Ms. Lori Clark (Virginia)

"Thanks for making this DVD series available to Isshinryu practitioners. It looks like it will definitely be worthwhile." ~ Ms. Kathleen Weisensel (California)

"Thank you very much for your precious time and tireless efforts taking beautiful pictures for many of us to view. As a guest at the Asian Pacific American Heritage Day at the Memorial Art Gallery, I enjoyed watching Michael and Richard Nguyen’s karate demonstration. Like many other members of VN Community of Rochester, I appreciate very much your family’s contribution to our community." ~ CDVN Board Member Charlie Doan (New York)

"Congratulations to Michael & Richard Nguyen for outstanding performance of this excellent karate DVD series." ~ CDVN Staff Member Xuan Son (New York)

"I am very excited to see this Isshin-Ryu karate training series and thank you for making them available." ~ One of the first Isshin-Ryu karateka supporters - Mr. John Davis (Ohio)

"Great training series! I have learned so much. Thanks." ~ A reviewer from

"The best Isshinryu karate training video series ever produced." ~ Hin Vick from

"Indeed the best collection of Isshinryu karate and kobudo series. Thank you for setting such a high standard." ~ GM Steve King

"Powerful, precise and incredible techniques ..." ~ One of the Isshin-Ryu karateka supporters - Mr. Henry Anderson

"That was an excellent substance of kata and kumite." ~ Grandmaster Ed McGrath (New Jersey), Isshinryu , "The Art"

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The DVD series is filmed and produced with the highest standards and professional equipments.

All Isshin Ryu katas include front & side views, full power & slow motion, explanation, and bunkai.

DVD Vol. 1: Basics - Warm ups, Stances, Strikes, Blocks, Kicks, Upper Body Basics, Lower Body Basics, Sparring Combinations


DVD Vol. 2: Seisan, Seiuchin, and Naihanchi


DVD Vol. 3: Wansu, Chinto, and Sanchin


DVD Vol. 4: Kusanku, and Sunsu


DVD Vol. 5: Bo Techniques, Tokumine No Kun, Urashi Bo, Shishi No Kun No Dai, and Bo-Bo Kumite


DVD Vol. 6: Sai Techniques, Kusanku Sai, Chatanyara No Sai, and Bo-Sai Kumite


DVD Vol. 7: Kumite Techniques - Hand Techniques, Kicks, Footwork, Distancing & Timing, Counter Attacks, Drills, Sparring, and Kumite competition footage


DVD Vol. 8 - Special Edition DVD - Cross-training: Michael and Richard perform at high-level competition the katas of Goju Ryu, Shotokan, Ryuei Ryu, and Matayoshi Shinpo. It includes Saifa, Seipai, Suparimpei, Gojushiho Sho, Unsu, Annan, Shinpo No Sai

Note: Saifa & Seipai katas show front and side views with normal speed and slow motion. Suparimpei, Gojushiho Sho, Unsu, Annan, and Shinpo No Sai katas show only front view with normal speed and slow motion. Only included with 8-DVD Set

7-DVD Set (Vol. 1-7)

$360 $280

(save $80)

8-DVD Set (Vol. 1-8)


(save $80)

Shipping and handling: $5 per DVD or $20 per 7-DVD Set or 8-DVD Set

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