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Xin bấm vào ảnh phía dưới để xem hình - hình ảnh mới nhất ở cuối trang

2007 Webster Classic Lacrosse Tournament
2007 Lori visiting our karate school 2007 Columbus Day Parade in Rochester, NY 2007 YMCA Karate Youth Kata Challenge
2007 Richard's Campaign Video & Photos for Freshmen President
2007 Skull and Bones Lacrosse Classic 2007 Day of Celebration at St. John Fisher College 2007 Richard Nguyen's Celebration 2007 Honor Roll Breakfast at Thomas Christmas Carol
"Dear Chau. I am glad that you were able to participate in SJFC's Day of Celebration. It's wonderful to see an event that unites so many segments of the community. I just looked at the photos in your photo gallery and they are beautiful." ~ Debora McDell, Coordinator of Community Programs and Outreach - Memorial Art Gallery

"Thanks again all. We were overjoyed by your participation and commitment." ~ Dr. Arlette Miller Smith, Dean - St. John Fisher College
2008 Vietnamese New Year Celebration
2007 Italy Trip
Khóa 18: 40-year Reunion
2008 Asian Pacific American Heritage Family Day at Memorial Art Gallery
Buddha's birthday celebration at Van Hanh temple
Class President Campaign Video
2008 PDU Golf Open Tournament
2008 Webster Lax Classic
"Dear Chau. Thank you very much for your precious time and tireless efforts taking beautiful pictures for many of us to view. As a guest at the Asian Pacific American Heritage Day at the Memorial Art Gallery, I enjoyed watching Michael and Richard’s karate demonstration. Like many other members of VN Community of Rochester, I appreciate very much your contribution to our community." ~ Charlie Doan
2008 Hoi Cho He
2008 Thiền Tự Vạn Hạnh đang xây cất
Đại Lễ Vu Lan
Đại Lễ Vu Lan
Mid-Autumn festival at Thanh Tinh Temple
2008 Webster Village Days
Tuan Huy & Thuy Trang's Wedding
First Snowstorm - Visiting Connecticut
2009 New Year Celebration at Times Square New York City
Tiệc Tất Niên 2009 tại Rochester, NY
Ice Fishing At The Bay
New Year Celebration at St. Helen church
New Year Celebration at Thanh Tinh Temple
New Year at Eden Center, Fall Church, VA
Vietnamese Fresh Spring Rolls

2009 New Year Eve
at St. Helen Church

2009 New Year Eve
at Thanh Tinh Temple

2009 New Year at
Eden Center, Virginia

Vietnamese Fresh Spring Rolls

Richard Nguyen is honored with Leadership Scholarship
1978 tại trại tạm trú Songkla, Tháiland
1978 Pulau Bidong Refugee Camp, Malaysia
2009 Robotics Competition
2009 Welcome Home

Leadership Scholarship

1978 Songkhla Refugee Camp, Thailand

1978 Pulau Bidong Refugee Camp

Robotics Competition

Welcome Home

An Unexpected Trip to Vietnam
Kayaking and sailing
Bạn học thăm DT / Classmates visit DT
Vịnh Hạ Long / Ha Long Bay
Lễ Vu Lan / Vu Lan Festival

Các bạn thăm vườn DT
Friends visit Duy Thien's orchard

Vịnh Hạ Long
Ha Long Bay

Lễ Vu Lan
Vu Lan Festival

Hình ảnh năm xưa / Pictures of the past
1967 Wedding - Vinh Long, Vietnam
1970 Lễ Thành Hôn
2009 Wedding

Lễ Thành Hôn

Lễ Thành Hôn

Kristi & Michael's

2010 Vietnam Trip

June - July, 2010
Chuyến Đi Việt Nam
Vietnam Trip

Sensei Joe Jennings' Visit Elite Karate Training Articles written at 2011 Rochester Marathon 2011 Minh-Chanh Wedding

Sept. 23-25, 2010
Sensei Joe Jennings'

2011 Kayaking - Hemlock Lake

Oct. 8, 2011
Chèo xuồng